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Feb 1, 2013

Student Success Profile: Chris Santiago

Chris Santiago
Today's success profile features a Q and A with Chris Santiago. Chris is a Workforce Education student who is wrapping up a certificate in the Aviation program at Green River Community College. Below, he provides an informative take on what it means to be a student in the Aviation program, here at the college.             
Hi Chris. Welcome to the blog. What specifically are you studying, here at Green River?

Chris: I am studying Airline Dispatch in the Aviation program here at GRCC.

Can you tell us the story of how you decided to pursue training in this field of study?

Chris: I was employed in the aviation field for 8+ years before being laid off in the fall of 2011. After an unsuccessful job search lasting several months - in which I continuously received the response that if I had a dispatchers license with my work experience, my chances of obtaining employment would be greatly increased - I researched my options. I found that GRCC had a very reputable Aviation department with real work experienced instructors. Those factors made enrolling at GRCC for my education toward certification a no brainer.

It looks like you're getting ready to finish your certificate. Congrats! What are your plans after that?

Chris: I will graduate from my certification program and be very prepared to pass my FAA dispatcher practical exam and obtain my license. This will hopefully allow me to become gainfully employed shortly thereafter. I am hoping to continue school to finish my Associate of Applied Science degree in Airline Dispatch and possibly the same in Air Transportation.

What advice would you have for new students who are thinking about pursuing training in a similar field of study?

Chris: I would say if you are looking for an aviation education that will translate to the real world work place, GRCC is by far your best option locally, and in my opinion, anywhere. I would also definitely say make sure you talk to Workforce Education about funding even if you don't think you qualify. They can help in many ways to make things go smoothly and make sense.
$$$ Tip! All four Workforce Education funding programs - BFET, Opportunity Grant, Worker Retraining, and WorkFirst - support Aviation training at Green River.