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Feb 16, 2011

Prof Tech Profile #1: Business Management

The Go 2 College Free blog aims to discuss topics related workforce education, money for school, career development, and the community college experience.  In the coming weeks it will become a space to learn more about different career pathways at Green River Community College. 

Today we're going to kick off a series entitled "Prof Tech Profiles."  The series will consist of short posts which profile various professional technical - i.e. job training - programs here at the college.  Each post will talk about a specific training program using a Q and A format with a faculty member who teaches within that program. 

As a way to start this series, today's Prof Tech Profile is on the Business Management Program and features a brief Q and A with esteemed faculty member Jeff Perlot.

In your opinion, what type of person is a good fit for the Business Management Program at GRCC?

JEFF: We welcome everyone and are committed to helping every student be their best. If you have any interest in business or management or leadership or starting a small business, then the Business Management Program is a great place to start.

What jobs does a degree in Business Management prepare students for?

JEFF: The possibilities are endless because every industry needs business managers.  If you have experience in a particular industry, you might be able to pursue management positions in that industry when you complete the program. If you are new to an industry, you may have to start at the entry-level.

The key is that we prepare you to perform like a superstar in any job you take. That leads to increased responsibilities, faster promotions, and more money.  There's no shortcut, but we'll coach and teach you to be your best and climb your way to the top.  New companies are called "startups." But you as a person are the ultimate startup, so invest in yourself by getting educated, then dive in and grab the opportunities that are out there.

Our program is also perfect for anyone who dreams of starting their own business. We'll teach you a diverse set of skills to give yourself the best chance of success when starting and running your own company. We have many students in the program who are here because they want to start their own business. I have considerable experience consulting small business. I have owned small businesses in the past. And I'm working on launching a couple small businesses as we speak. America needs more successful small businesses - so jump in.

This last question has two parts: one, how can prospective students learn more about the Business Management Program at GRCC? and two, how can they learn more about the field in general?

JEFF: To learn more about the Business Management Program at GRCC, students can gather information by clicking here.  They can also contact me at jperlot@greenriver.edu

If students have interest in a particular industry or company, there's nothing better than doing an informational interview to learn more. In fact, that is actually an assignment in our Career Management class - but don't wait for that class to begin learning about potential business careers. Look for a friend of a friend who works in that industry or company, then simply ask them to Starbucks for a 15 minute informational conversation. You could also offer to ask them some questions via email, and they can respond by email. Either way, you just want to know what they look for in good candidates, how you could best prepare, how they got to where they are, and any other tips they'd give you to get ready. You'll be amaze what you learn.
FUNDING TIP!  All four Workforce Education funding streams - Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grant, WorkFirst, and BFET - support the Business Managment Program at GRCC.