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"Workforce Education has been there for me since day one!" - Jenny S, Green River student

Oct 22, 2014

Student Success - Jenny Deslauriers

Today's success story features a Q and A with Jenny Deslauriers.  Jenny is a Workforce Education student who is enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at Green River. Jenny states that she has always wanted to be a police officer and was drawn to this program, which she describes as 'empowering'. She is very excited to start her new career in this field!

Hi Jenny, thanks for joining us on the blog.
What's it like being a student in the Criminal Justice degree program?

Jenny: Being a student in the Criminal Justice degree program is empowering. I have learned more about the Constitution and my rights as an American citizen. The Criminal Justice system has so many facets and I feel like I have just barely scratched the surface of its complexity. 

What lead you to pursue training in this particular field?

Jenny: I have always been interested in law enforcement and I used to want to be a police officer, so naturally I was drawn to this degree.

How has Workforce Education helped you achieve your goals?

Jenny:  Workforce Education has helped me achieve my goal in getting an Associate's degree in Criminal Justice by helping me pay for books as well as helping with tuition. I probably wouldn't have started school when I did without Workforce Education. The program gave me an opportunity to go to school even though I wasn't financially prepared to go and without that help I would not be one class away from getting my degree.

You have already graduated with an Associate degree in Arts this summer and now getting ready to graduate with your Associate of Applied Science degree--congrats! What are your future plans after Green River?

Jenny:    I would find a career at a corrections facility close to where I live I am hoping to find a career to help prepare inmates for life on the outside of the prison walls. I feel it's very important to help inmates make goals and find them programs that will help to stay out of jail to become a productive member of society.