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Oct 27, 2011

Prof Tech Profile #7: Carpentry Technology

Today's Prof Tech Profile is on the Carpentry Technology Program and features a brief Q and A with esteemed faculty member Glen Martin.

Hi Glen. Welcome to the Go 2 College Free blog. GRCC offers a wide variety of Professional Technical training programs. Why Carpentry Technology?

Glen: Like all other Prof Tech programs, Carpentry Technology is here to provide training for students who want to be employed in the field of residential carpenters as well as provide training for anyone in the community that wants to learn how to build a home or remodel a home.

In your opinion, what type of person is a good fit for the Carpentry Technology Program at GRCC?

Glen: Anyone who is creative, artistic, has a great eye for detail and loves working with their hands as well as their mind. In addition, a person who enjoys working outdoors and likes to face unique challenges on a daily basis.

GRCC offers several different training pathways in Carpentry Technology, from a two-year degree to a variety of shorter-term certificates. How can prospective students figure out what pathway is best for them?

Glen: I meet individually with students to find out exactly where they would like to be in 3 - 5 years and with that information can advise students on what carpentry certificates and / or degree to work towards. Each certificate relates to a specific phase of residential construction from foundations to finish work. Ideally a student with no prior experience should try and earn all certificates, but those who already have experience can choose which certificates they would like to work on.

Finally, what jobs does training in this field prepare students for?

Glen: Carpenter (of course), general or specialty contractors, vendors and / or suppliers for construction materials, project managers, project superintendents, designer / builders, building maintenance, architects, home inspectors, building inspectors, and construction consultants.
FUNDING TIP! The following Workforce Education funding programs support Carpentry Technology at GRCC: Worker Retraining, BFET, and WorkFirst.

Oct 24, 2011

Prof Tech Profile #6: Business Applications Specialist

Today's Prof Tech Profile is on the Business Applications Specialist Program and features a brief Q and A with esteemed faculty member Tonya McCabe.

Hi Tonya. Thanks for joining us on the Go 2 College Free blog. Green River offers a broad range of professional technical programs. Why Business Applications Specialist?

TONYA: The Business Applications Specialist degree offers students an opportunity to develop essential business skills in their area of interest, as well as a comprehensive general education.

In your opinion, what type of person is a good fit for the Business Applications Specialist Program at GRCC?

TONYA: Students who wish to work in a professional, office setting and who enjoy working on projects or tasks that require web design, customer service, and / or advanced computer skills would be a good fit for the Business Applications Specialist program at GRCC.

What jobs will training in this field prepare students for?

TONYA: Students who successfully complete the Business Applications Specialist degree often find employment in a wide range of positions including Project Coordinators, Office Support Specialists, and Executive Assistants depending on their experience and skill set.

Last of all, how can prospective students learn more about the Business Applications Specialist Program at GRCC?

TONYA: Students can contact a Business Ed faculty member or read more about the program by clicking here.

FUNDING TIP! All four Workforce Education funding programs - Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grant, BFET, and WorkFirst - support the Business Applications Specialist Program at GRCC.

Oct 4, 2011

Fall Is Here!

Fall is here and campus is once again bustling with activity. The start of the quarter carries along with it the usual rush of finalizing class schedules and squaring away funding arrangements. But the quarter's start also carries along with it a rich sense of possibility and the promise of reaching new intellectual horizons.

While we're only two weeks into fall, Workforce Education is already setting its sites on the upcoming winter quarter. Specifically, we are gearing up to host another round of Go 2 College Free funding workshops from October 18th through November 8th. Students new to Green River and in need of funding for the winter quarter can visit go2collegefree.com to sign up for a workshop.