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Aug 30, 2011

Benefits Of Basic Food

According to a recent article on NPR.org, Basic Food (food stamp) use is up 70 percent over the past four years. The spike in Basic Food use is a result of a combination of factors: high rates of unemployment, rising prices, stagnant wages, as well as the home foreclosure crisis. Admittedly, times are tough.

While Basic Food use is on the rise, there still might be folks out there who aren't familiar with this particular safety net service and the benefits that go along with it. Today's post is for those folks as it will cover the benefits of Basic Food.

Obviously, one of the key benefits to Basic Food is a monthly sum to buy food at participating grocery stores. The monthly benefit comes in the form of an EBT card (pictured right) and depends, among other things, on your household size, your income, and your living expenses. According to DSHS, the average monthly benefit for qualifying households in 2010 was about $245. 

Along with the monthly benefit to buy groceries, Basic Food might also help you access a myriad of ancillary resources and support services including:
  • Tuition assistance through the BFET Program at Green River Community College
  • Childcare assistance through the Working Connections Childcare subsidy at DSHS  
  • Enrollment of school-age children in free or reduced meal programs
  • Discounted telephone service through the Washington Telephone Assistance Program
  • Discounted wireless phone service through AT&T's Lifeline and LinkUp Service
The benefits to Basic Food are many, so if you're having trouble paying bills or buying groceries this month, apply online at foodhelp.wa.gov. The application process is relatively quick and easy, plus it includes no asset test, which means you can own a home, own a car, have money in the bank or a retirement plan to your name, and still be eligible for Basic Food.