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May 26, 2011

Online Ed Trends

According to a May 18th article on Inside Higher Education, a recent survey shows that community colleges continue, each year, to offer more and more online classes and hybrid classes ("hyrid" formats blend in-person and online elements).  This trend makes sense in light of the fact that online classes provide potential costs savings for colleges, and also provide more convenience for students who can't make the commute or who prefer learning from the comfort of home. 

The IHE article also notes, interestingly enough, that completion rates for students in online classes lag behind completion rates of students who enroll in traditional, face-to-face classes.  This statistic highlights the importance of setting yourself up for success and figuring out, in advance, if online classes are right for you.  So let's start a short conversation around that very question:

Are online classes right for you?

Coming up with an answer will require some self-inventory and reflection on the experience and skills you bring to the table. We've discussed the question of what makes a good online student in an earlier post, but it never hurts to review ground already covered.

While they provide a convenient alternative to the traditional physical classroom experience, keep in mind that online classes (and to a lesser extent hybrid classes) imply a certain type of learner.  Students who typically succeed in online learning environments are:
  • Highly motivated
  • Have a capacity for self-guided learning
  • Have good time management skills
  • Take initiative in contacting the instructor with questions
In addition, students who typically succeed in online learning formats already possess a key set of skills.  Specifically, they already know how to:
  • Use the internet
  • Use a search engine
  • Send and receive email with attachments
  • Use word processing applications
  • Use a chat room
Are you a self-starter? Do you have good computer skills? Do you want to learn from the comfort of home?  If so, online classes might be right for you.  Green River offers a wide variety of online classes in both university transfer and professional technical pathways, so you've come to the right place. Check out the e-learning page on the Green River website for more information.