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Jun 10, 2013

Shelan Aldridge / Neighborhood House

Please welcome to the blog esteemed community partner Shelan Alridge. Shelan is an Adult Education & Employment Manager at Neighborhood House, a non-profit organization in Washington State that has been fighting poverty and creating stronger communities since 1906.

Hi Shelan. Thanks for joining us on the blog. To start, can you give us an overview of your organization?

Shelan: Neighborhood House is a non-profit organization with a mission to help diverse communities of people with limited resources attain their goals for self-sufficiency, financial independence, health and community building. We offer everything from parent home visiting programs, to citizenship classes, to employment programs that help people find jobs.

Who is eligible to apply for services at Neighborhood House?

Shelan: The eligibility for different programs varies, but most services focus on individuals or families that have low or no income.

Are there any specific resources offered through Neighborhood House that you would like to spotlight at this time?

Shelan: Yes! Neighborhood House has employment services in South King County that I'd like to highlight. We're big into education and several of our employment programs support students in different ways while they are going to school / completing training. Some of our programs pay for GED testing fees, while others help connect students to community resources or jobs.

Oftentimes, we see students struggling to find jobs after they complete their training programs. Our skilled and dedicated employment specialists come alongside students to help them develop a targeted resume; train them how to highlight newly-learned skills in an interview; and assist with online job applications and job leads. We use a team approach and have a career developer who develops relationships with employers in their community. We often connect our job seekers to job openings with those employers and advocate on their behalf.

Employment specialists are also able to help students overcome other barriers they may be facing that make completing school or finding a job difficult. At times, it's a housing issue or eviction notice. Or it's the inability to get a job or get to school because of a transportation issue. Once the person qualifies and enrolls, some programs can offer limited support services, such as one time rental assistance, interview clothing, or a bus pass need for job search or vocational training.

If any of your students who are reading this are motivated to work and are interested in enrolling into one of our employment programs, feel free to send me an email. We're a community-based organization, so it doesn't cost anything to enroll. I'll be happy to connect them to one of our employment specialists who can do an assessment to see if they qualify.
Shelan Aldridge is an Adult Education & Employment Manager with Neighborhood House. She can be reached at shelana@nhwa.org. For more information about Neighborhood House, you can also visit nhwa.org.