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May 8, 2013

Student Success Profile: Trisha McKay

Trisha McKay
Today's success profile features a brief Q and A with Trisha McKay. Trisha is a Workforce Education student who is nearing completion of an Administrative Assistant degree at Green River. She graduates this June and has big plans in store for the future. Check out her story below.

Hi Trisha. Thanks for joining us on the blog. What's it like to be a student in the Administrative Assistant program at Green River?

Trisha: At first it was very scary, but well worth the hard work and effort that I put in. I have met a lot of fun and interesting people within all my classes and I have enjoyed meeting all the instructors. I have learned how to improve not only my skills but also my personal life with what I have learned. I have fully enjoyed my last two years here at Green River and I will miss going to school.

Can you tell us the story of how you decided to pursue training in this field?

Trisha: In January 2009, I was five months pregnant with my second child and was laid off of work. I tried to look for work for about a year and was getting nowhere with only 18 months experience within the Administrative field and no schooling. I had very little knowledge about software and decided if the economy was so bad that I couldn't find work that I really should look into furthering my career by going back to school. I found out about Federal Financial Aid and Workforce Education through my DSHS worker in Auburn and got approved right away.

How has Workforce Education helped you towards completing your goals?

Trisha: If it wasn't for Workforce Education I would not have had funding or the assistance I needed lining up daycare (no daycare means no time for school). Also, I was originally going for an Administrative Assistant certificate, but realized I could earn multiple certifcates ultimately leading to a degree, in about the same amount of time. Workforce Education ensured I had enough funding to complete my degree.

You're close to completing your degree. Congrats! What are your plans after graduation?

Trisha: Well, as for graduation I am really excited and very proud of the hard work and achievements that I have completed. My June is very, very busy. Just one week after graduation I will be getting married to a great man. Then I hopefully will be able to find a career (instead of just a job) with a company that will fully benefit me as well as my now growing family.
$$$ Tip! All four Workforce Education funding programs - BFET, Opportunity Grant, Worker Retraining, and WorkFirst - support Administrative Assistant training at Green River.