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Sep 13, 2012

Check Out Kent Campus!

Cecilia Adam, Educational Planner
Today's post features a brief Q and A with Cecilia Adam, educational planner extraordinaire. She'll be discussing services available at Green River Community College's Kent Station Campus. If you haven't checked out the Kent Campus before, you should swing by. Located in the heart of bustling Kent Station, the Kent Campus offers a broad range of classes and services to Green River students.

Hi Cecilia. Thanks for joining us. Can you give us a broad overview of the types of classes offered at the Kent Campus?

Cecilia: The Green River Community College Kent Campus offers credit classes for transfer and professional technical degrees, as well as classes for ESOL and GED. In addition, the Kent Campus offers Continuing Education classes in business, computers and technology, contract training, no-cost small business counseuling, job skills training, and professional education.

Since Workforce Education students typically enroll in vocational pathways, can you tell us specifically what professional technical-related classes are offered at the Kent Campus?

Cecilia: Professional technical students who are studying Business Management can complete all of the course work towards that degree at the Kent Campus. The Kent Campus also offers many of the classes toward the following professional technical degrees or certificates: Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Business Application Specialist, Medical Office Assistant, Early Childhood Education, and the pre-requisite classes for Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Nursing.

Why choose the Kent Campus?

Cecilia: The Kent Campus offers a small and friendly atmosphere. Most classes are 20 - 25 students. Parking is plentiful and it is easy access to the Sounder train, buses, and freeways. The Kent Campus offers classes on a block schedule (Monday / Wednesday or Tuesday / Thursday) in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Finally, Kent Campus is close to great restaurants and shopping at Kent Station!

Kent Campus, located in bustling Kent Station

What services can students access at the Kent Campus?

Cecilia: The Kent Campus has many of the same student services as the Auburn main campus. Students can take the COMPASS assessment, meet with an educational planner, and attend a Student Orientation Advising and Registration session, all at the Kent Campus. Workforce Education coordinators are here on Mondays and Thursdays, too, to meet with students. The bookstore is at the Kent Campus the first week of each quarter. There's a spacious computer lab and library books can be ordered online and sent over from Holman Library. In addition, Kent Campus offers monthly information sessions for the Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Nursing programs, as well as sessions that cover Federal Financial Aid. Each quarter, the Kent Campus offers a variety of other kinds of workshops including: Career Exploration, College Success Skills, and Applying For Scholarships. Finally, the Kent Campus also offers limited tutoring services.

For more information about the Green River Community College Kent Campus, go to: greenriver.edu/academics/courses-at-kent-campus