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Mar 15, 2012

Prof Tech Profile #9: Design Drafting Technology

Today's Prof Tech Profile is on the Design Drafting Technology program and features a brief Q and A with esteemed faculty member Felix Serna.

Hi Felix. Thanks for joining us on the Go 2 College Free Blog. Green River offers a broad range of professional technical programs. Why Design Drafting Technology?

FELIX: Virtually everything you see that is man made, from the roads you drive to every object you have in your possession, required someone to visualize it before it became a reality. The Design Drafting Technology profession is involved in the process of having that dream through its fruition. Members of this profession may develop a virtual model of the object, assembly, or system and then create the documentation (drawings) required for the manufacturers or builders to produce. The Puget Sound area has quite an abundance of manufacturing, engineering & design firms, not to mention governmental bodies that also utilize this profession.

In your opinion, what type of person is a good fit for the Design Drafting Technology program at GRCC?

FELIX: Anyone who has a desire to see their visions become a reality, who loves to draw, and enjoys working with people.

There's a variety of Design Drafting Technology-related degrees and certificates to choose from. How can prospective students interested in DDT determine what degree or certificate pathway is best for them?

FELIX: We recommend that they schedule an appointment with Felix Serna (me) or Terry Waagan to discuss the different options available.

What jobs will training in Design Drafting Technology prepare students for?

FELIX: There are a multitude of different directions our training will take you. I would recommend that they view our drafting video on our website to see the various disciplines that they may end up working in.
Funding Update! The following Workforce Education funding programs support Design Drafting Technology at GRCC: Worker Retraining, BFET, and WorkFirst.