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Nov 3, 2011

Prof Tech Profile #8: Administrative Assistant

Today's Prof Tech Profile is on the Administrative Assistant Program and features a brief Q and A with esteemed faculty member Tonya McCabe (we interviewed Tonya in an earlier post on the Business Applications Specialist Program, which you can read here).

Hi Tonya. Welcome back to the blog. To start, can you give us a short overview of the Adminstrative Assistant Program at GRCC?

Tonya: The Administrative Assistant Program offers students an opportunity to develope essential skills in their area of interest, as well as a comprehensive general education.

What type of person might be a good fit for the Adminstrative Assistant Program at GRCC?

Tonya: Students who wish to work in a professional office setting in an administrative support position would be a good fit for the Administrative Assistant Program at GRCC.

What jobs will training in this field prepare students for?

Tonya: Students who successfully complete the Administrative Assistant degree often find employment in entry and mid-level office support positions depending on their experience and skill set.

Finally, how can prospective students learn more about the Administrative Assistant Program at GRCC?

Tonya: Students can contact a Business Ed faculty member or read about the program by clicking here.
FUNDING TIP! All four Workforce Education funding programs - Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grant, BFET, and WorkFirst - support the Administrative Assistant Program at GRCC.