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Mar 8, 2011

Prof Tech Profile #3: Early Childhood Education

Today's Prof Tech Profile is on the Early Childhood Education Program at GRCC, and features a brief Q and A with esteemed faculty member Diana Holz.

Thanks for joining us on the blog, Diana.  In your opinion, what type of person is a good fit for the ECE Program at GRCC?

DIANA:  First and foremost, individuals entering the field of early childhood education must truly like to be around children!  To be successful, ECE must also be organized with a keen eye for detail.  In addition, the field of education also requires the ability to multi-task, problem-solve, and relate well to others.  Interpersonal skills and cultural awareness are key to one's success.  Good physical and mental healther are imperative, too.  Finally, individuals entering the field should be aware that the program requires a significant amount of reading, writing, observation, and research.

What jobs does a degree in ECE prepare students for?

DIANA:  Students prepare to work in childcare centers, Head Start programs, Montessori preschools, public and private school environments for K-5, as well as human services organizations serving children and families.  Some graduates open their own centers or family care programs.

This last question has two parts: one, how can prospective students learn more about the ECE program at GRCC? and two, how can they learn more about the field in general?

DIANA:  Interested individuals can learn more about the program at GRCC by stopping by the ECE office on campus in SMT 235, or by emailing the Program Director (me) at dholz@greenriver.edu.  An excellent way to learn more about the field of ECE is to enroll in the online class entitled, ECE 101: Intro To Early Childhood Education.  Although the class is online, there are organized field trips available that enable the student to see various types of programs.
Funding Tip!  All four Workforce Education funding streams - Worker Retraining, Opportunity Grant, BFET, and WorkFirst - support the ECE program at GRCC.