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Jun 23, 2010

Washington Jobs Requiring Postsecondary Education

In our previous post, we briefly discussed the Help Wanted report, which claims that some college education after high school (or postsecondary education, in other words) is becoming more and more of a prerequisite to find a good job. 

The report also incorporates a state-by-state analysis of the the job outlook through 2018.  The statistics it provides regarding employment in Washington State are of particular interest.  Specifically:

By 2018, 67% of jobs in Washington will required postsecondary education.  This is 4 percentage points above the national average of 63%.  Washington ranks 6th (out of a possible 50) in postsecondary education intensity for 2018.

Interested in reading more of what the report has to say about the future of jobs in Washington State? Click here.